Stirling University Computer Club - Inaugural Hackathon.

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Club Overall Winner/Finalist

The Hack deemed to be the best overall entry by the University of Stirling Computer Club.

Club Finalist (2)

A Hack deemed to be among the best entries by the University of Stirling Computer Club. Prize

The prize from Mobile for their API Monitoring challenge.

Prudential Prize

Prize awarded by Prudential for their challenge for disseminating information to a wide range of colleagues on issues that matter to them whilst they are offsite.

Stirling Council Prize

The prize handed out by Stirling Council for best meeting their challenge of Social Media data analysis/interpretation.

J.P. Morgan Prize

The prize handed out by J.P. Morgan for the hack that best used OpenCV.

MLH Prize

Awarded for the best hack according to Major League Hacking.

University of Stirling Prize

Given to the hack that met the challenge issued by the University to try and encourage entrepreneurship in students/widen appeal.

Perseverance Prize

Awarded for the Team/Individual that kept going though the tough got going!

Least Secure Secure App

Awarded for the hack that was the least secure in the way their security was handled in application! Awarded by Stirling University Computer Club.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Craig Docherty

Craig Docherty
Vice-President, University of Stirling Computer Club


Jordan Mobile


Laura Mobile


JP Morgan



Dr John Rogers

Dr John Rogers
Director - Research & Enterprise Office, University of Stirling

Judging Criteria

  • Broadly speaking....
    Unless stated otherwise, challenge submissions will be judged relative to how well they meet the stated objectives whilst considering things like creative flair.

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